Christopher Poulson Japangardi

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DOB: 1956
Born: Yuendumu, NT

Christopher Poulson Japangardi is a senior Warlpiri lawman from the Vaughan Springs area, which is North West of Alice Springs and about 1090km south of Darwin.

There is a very important Warlpiri creation site located near Vaughan Springs station, called Pikilyi. Christopher is the male custodian of Pikilyi Jukurrpa; the dreaming story that deals with the creation of the universe.

As well as being a senior lawman, Christopher is an accredited English/Warlpiri translator and is the author of many published Bilingual Resources and Cross-Cultural Studies books. He is an important figure within his community.

Christopher has developed an exceptionally fine dotting technique that gives his artworks an incredible depth. His precise and meticulous attention to detail means it can take up to a couple of months for him to complete one artwork!

Christopher currently lives in Yuendumu with his wife Lola Brown Nampijinpa.