Churchill Cann

Old Texas Way - N-2237-CCAN

Framed: YES
Size: H-120 X W-120 cm.
Medium: Ochre on linen
Price: $7,150.00 AUD
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 ·  $7,150 (was $8,950)
Product No: N-2237-CCAN
It is old Texas Downs Cattle Station, in the far east of the Kimberley, adjacent to the Northern Territory border, and Churchill has a view of the birthplace of Spring Creek, emerging from the Wooliny Hills. Also eminating from the hills is Cabbage Creek as it makes its ways down to the waterhole and yards at the place known as Bloodwood Bore. Now a part of the giant Lissadell Station, some of the lands, in black, are still recovering from decades of over-grazing.