Cindy Nakamarra Gibson

Cindy Nakamarra Gibson

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DOB: 1967
Born: Alice Springs, NT

Cindy Nakamarra Gibson was born in Alice Springs in 1967 and grew up in Yuendumu. Cindy's mother, the late Mitjili Napanangka Gibson and her uncle Pinta Pint Tjapanangka (also deceased) were two of the founding artists with the Papunya Tula Artists. Cindy's father, Jiti Jiti Tjapurrula (Mickey) was one of the senior traditional owners of the land where the community of Kiwirkurra is established today.

Cindy moved to Kintore in 1987. The surrounding outstations were where most of the famous Papunya Tula Artists lived; Uta Uta Jungala, Turkey Tolson, Mick Namarari, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa and Cindy began painting at Morgan outstation in Western Australia.

In 1997 Cindy moved to Alice Springs for her children's education and spent the first few years out in the bush working with her mother. She also spent time working with her father on wildlife documentaries. She then went on to collaborate with her mother for several years painting small works.

When her mother began to paint seriously, Cindy no longer painted with her and instead assisted her in other ways behind the scenes, leaving Mitjili free to paint. Cindy resumed painting in 2011 - several months after her mother passed away and was buried at Nyirripi.

Today Cindy is proud to be painting several designs and techniques that her mother developed.

Cindy's traditional country is centred around Winparky (Mt. Webb) just near Kiwirkurra not far from the South-Western border of Lake Mackay (Wilkinkarra).