Hannah Lange

Hannah Lange

DOB: 1990
Born: Blue Mountains, NSW
COMMUNITY: Wiradjuri, Darug and Gundungurra, NSW

Hannah is a proud Wiradjuri woman, mother, and self-taught artist who has rapidly caught the attention of art lovers both in Australia and internationally. Whilst only painting professionally since 2020, Hannah has already developed a strong creative output that reveals a great versatility and ability to capture the essence of her subject matter.

As a child, Hannah was encouraged to explore her environment. Her education emphasized the creative and artistic. She was born and raised in the Blue Mountains on Darug and Gundungurra country, which is world renowned for some of Australia's most spectacular wilderness featuring soaring sandstone ridges blanketed in native bushland. It was in this environment that Hannah's deep observational skills and ability to articulately express herself through many creative mediums flourished.

Before 2020, Hannah worked for various local Aboriginal not for profit organizations as well as managing a successful small business which was her creative outlet. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and her family moved to the Byron Bay region, Hannah experienced a great upheaval in her creative and cultural connections. Through painting, Hannah has found the perfect channel to connect to culture, community, and family. It has also helped her focus and express her creative energy, emotions, and thoughts.

Hannah's art is inspired by nature. Her keen eye for detail means she is able to capture the minute features of nature that may otherwise go unrecognized - the ripples in sand, the veins in leaves, the layers in the rocks, the sun, the moon, and the way they interact with the land. To experience Hannah's art is to be led on a meditative and contemplative process, through her textural surfaces and intricate details.

Her stylistic approach varies depending on her subject matter. Her 'Dhaagun Madhan - Ash Tree' piece captures the ghost-like mass devastation caused by the 2019 bushfires on her Wiradjuri Country, as well as the little signs of regrowth that are starting to repopulate the land. Her 'Gundanha - Rock Shelter' piece has an ochre wash which is overlaid with fine linear and dotted designs, capturing the sedimentary layers in the rocks while also conveying the layers of time. Her art reads the Country from the inside out and from within.

Hannah is an exciting talent with a number of projects and collaborations underway, which will no doubt further launch her rapidly growing renown as a gifted contemporary Indigenous Australian artist.

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