Narrabri Nakamarra

Narrabri Nakamarra

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DOB: 1949
Born: Haasts Bluff, NT
LANGUAGE GROUP: Pintupi/Ngaatjatjarra

Narrabri Nakamarra was born in Haasts Bluff c.1950. She is the daughter of the famous Papunya Tula artist Makinti Napanangka, who moved her family to Papunya. Narrabri is an emerging artist who commenced painting in 1999. She now lives at Kintore with her husband Hilary Tjapaltjarri and family.

As a young child, Narrabri was exposed to painting, not only to her mother's style but also to other artists from Kintore. Narrabri's style of art is quite different from that of her mother's and generally reflects her country around Kintore.

Narabri passed away in 2010


2003 'Papunya Tula Artists - A Gift from the Desert'
2003 Utopia Art, Sydney, NSW
2004 Redlands Westpac Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW
2005 'New Ideas', Utopia Art, Sydney, NSW
2005 'Rising Stars', Gabriella Pizzi Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria.