Payu West Napaltjarri

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DOB: c. 1955
Born: Karilwarra Rockhole, Kiwirrkurra, WA
COMMUNITY: Kiwirrkurra, WA

Payu West Napaltjarri was born c. 1952 at Karilwarra Rockhole, west of the Pollock Hills in the Gibson Desert, near Kiwirrkurra. It was in this area that Payu originally lived with her family.

In 1963, the family was met by a welfare patrol led by Jeremy Long and Nosepeg Tjupurrula and subsequently moved to Papunya where they lived on the outskirts of the community with the other Pintupi speakers.
Payu was married to Freddy West Tjakamarra (deceased), one of the original group of painters in Papunya in 1971/72. Payu and Freddy spent time in Kintore and Balgo before settling in Kiwirrkurra where Payu now lives. Payu is related to Monica Napaltjarri.

Payu paints Women's Dreaming stories associated with the Tingari ancestors and their movements through the western desert. Payu has been part of a number of group exhibitions throughout Australia and overseas.