Elaine Woods

Elaine Woods

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DOB: 1969
Born: Docker River, WA
LANGUAGE GROUP: Pitjantjatjara

Elaine Woods was born at Docker River in 1969. Elaine grew up at Irruntji later moving south to the Kalgoorlie and Esperence areas.

During her child rearing years Elaine saw the birth and then rapid evolution of the art movement in the Pitjantjatjara lands. In particular, she was lucky to see and be a party to her mother, Maringka Baker's, development into one of our most successful and sought after indigenous artists. Maringka, together with Elaine's uncle, the great Jimmy Baker, were the feature artists at the Australia National Gallery's Culture Warriors Triennial.

Elaine took up painting in 2010 and is rapidly carving out her own niche amongst indigenous art's up and coming artists. Elaine has four daughters, Julie Woods, Janice Woods, Venita Woods and Casseyanne Woods.