Current Sydney Art Gallery Exhibitions

Colours of Spring 2018

From: Aug 25, 2018
Until: Sep 23, 2018

A burst of colour and a breath of fresh air to shake off the winter blues and celebrate spring. Kate Owen Gallery staff have chosen their favourite pieces from leading artists including Gloria Petyarre, Barbara Weir, Kudditji Kngwarreye and Polly Ngale for this refreshening and eye opening show to kick off the warmer months.

Charmaine Pwerle - New Traditions (Online Exhibition)

From: Jul 14, 2018

Charmaine Pwerle, daughter of Barbara Weir and granddaughter of Minnie Pwerle, hails from one of Aboriginal art's great painting dynasties. It is tempting to look at Charmaine's artworks in light of her famous relatives, however her art demands attention in its own right. It makes its own statements. Charmaine's subject matter draws on stories passed down for generations, but approaches it in a wholly different fashion than her grandmother to whom she is so often compared. This latest body of work is truly traditional but also stands up against the best of contemporary art. Charmaine is defining a new tradition for Aboriginal art. Join us at Kate Owen Gallery for this memorable show.

The Three Brothers - Online Only Exhibition

From: Jun 09, 2018

Members of the lost tribe, Warlimpirrnga, Walala and Thomas Tjapaltjarri stunned the world when walking out of the desert in 1984. Within 3 years Warlimpirrnga's art featured in an exhibition in Melbourne. This exhibition features contemporary works by the three brothers.

Emily Kame Kngwarreye - Earth's Creation Exhibition | online exibition

From: Apr 27, 2018

Kate Owen Gallery in co-operation with DACOU gallery is delighted to present our highly anticipated exhibition Emily Kame Kngwarreye Earth's Creation.
Earth's Creation includes major previously un-exhibited works by leading Aboriginal artist, Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Accompanied with premium works by Emily's extended family, the exhibition includes the following artists;
Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Minnie Pwerle, Barbara Weir, Charmaine Pwerle, Freddy Purla, Teresa Purla, Gloria Petyarre, Betty Mbitjana, Emily Pwerle, Galya Pwerle and Lizzie Pwerle.

Gorgeous Gifts Under $1k | online exibition

From: Jan 17, 2018

It's true what they say; an artwork is the gift that keeps on giving!
Whether you are a sophisticated art lover or just starting out, there is an abundance of affordable indigenous art to choose from at Kate Owen Gallery.

jilja-marra-marra | online exibition

From: Oct 21, 2017

Our first solo exhibition for Gwenda will showcase a new body of work, featuring her signature cream on white style and exciting new colour experimentation.

Intricate Expressions | online exibition

From: Sep 23, 2017

From Utopia in the Northern Territory, the home country of many of our greatest indigenous artists, Anna Price Petyarre and Dulcie Long Pula have recently branched out and are pursuing a more minimalistic style. The works are characterised by restrained colour palettes, exceptionally fine attention to detail and complex designs. We have many stunning new works from both artists that should not be missed.

Gems from the Stockroom | online exibition

From: Aug 26, 2017

This exhibition provides the perfect opportunity for our art consultants to hang their favourite pieces from our 2,000+ artwork stockroom and show them off! This will be a beautiful selection of hand-picked artworks ranging from Indigenous masters, established artists to exciting new talent.

The Nangala Sisters | online exibition

From: Jul 22, 2017

Out along the Tanami track sits Warlukurlangu Artists, an Aboriginal owned and operated organisation that is bringing through a whole new generation of artists. This new wave of talent, such as Julie and Sabrina, daughters of acclaimed artist Dorothy Napangardi, is keeping the remote community of Yuendumu vibrant as well as ensuring the culture of the owners, the Warlpiri people, remains strong. This latest body of work by Julie and Sabrina Nangala consists of a fascinating blend of stylised experimentation and ancient narrative.

Sarrita King | gurindji janginyina | online exibition

From: Jun 13, 2017

Please enjoy this exquiste new body of work by Sarrita King.

Atnwengerrp Revisited | online exhibition

From: May 20, 2017

Sacred, traditional, historical and ceremonial elements are interwoven in a dynamic family show featuring Barbara Weir, Charmaine Pwerle, Teresa Pula and Lizzie Pwerle. Barbara and her family continue to push boundaries, experimenting with different painting styles and techniques in this latest body of work.

Lockhart River Mob | online exibition

From: Mar 18, 2017

It is with great excitement that we introduce a new stable of artists to Kate Owen Gallery with our inaugural exhibition, Lockhart River Mob.
The artists come from Sandbeach Culture and Community; five distinct clan groups that live in one of the most precious natural environments on the east coast of Far North Queensland. Here you will find the healthiest section of the Great Barrier Reef, mangroves and river systems that pattern the coastal region, rainforest, red dirt roads and rock art.
In many of the artists' work you can see how they use their detailed and graphic knowledge of the local flora, fauna and landscape and interpret it as an aesthetic pattern; using line, tone and texture to create expressionistic and abstract works that convey the character and sense of their country, with an elevated sense of mood and emotion.
What is remarkable about this exhibition is the diversity of styles, and yet the artworks always circle back to the identity of Sandbeach community; intertwining art and tradition as a cultural and personal expression from the artists own unique perspectives.
Our third level Collectors' Gallery has been transformed with the exciting, confident and vigorous art from Lockhart River - make sure you visit us and experience these exceptional works from the five superstars of Lockhart River.

Journey Tracks | Tony Sorby | online exibition

From: Feb 09, 2017

The first solo show by artist Tony Sorby at Kate Owen Gallery. An exquisite new body of work that express an intimate knowledge of Kamilaroi Country, gained from walking the journey tracks of his ancestors. Artworks will be on display in the charcoal gallery for the month of February.

From the Vault | online exibition

From: Jan 06, 2017

Our 2017 exhibition schedule begins with an elite group of Indigenous Australian artists who inspired and defined what has become one of the most exciting art movements of the 20th Century and beyond.
The exhibition has a beautiful balance of works with strong iconography and incredible amount of mythological detail, as well as works that are extremely bold, free, expressive, abstract and experimental.
Make sure you visit the gallery in January to get up close and personal with some of the masters of Aboriginal art! Gallery open 10 - 6 every day

black + white | online exibition

From: Jun 24, 2016

A diverse exhibition of contemporary Indigenous artworks inspired by ancient Dreamings and the Australian landscape. Incorporating artworks produced by emerging and highly regarded artists, the exhibition offers a fascinating mix of technique, story and approach.

from the sand to the sails | online exibition

From: Jun 21, 2016

A family group show; celebrating the three generations who have made a significant impact on the Indigenous art movement.

About Gabriella Possum:
When Gabriella was a little girl, her father and grandparents told her stories while sitting down, talking, singing and drawing in the sand in the middle of Australia's western desert.

The eldest daughter of one of the most famous Australian artists, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Gabriella began painting at an early age. Her undeniable talent, distinctive bold colour choices and exciting compositions were evident from the very beginning and saw her being awarded the coveted Alice Springs Art Award at the tender age of 16.

Since then, her work has been exhibited in the USA and throughout Europe. Her work is held in many major collections including the National Gallery of Australia and her art hangs alongside her father's work at Buckingham Palace, England. Her impressive list of achievements now includes the 2016 Vivid Sydney Festival, which last year over 1.7 million people attended.

I feel very honoured to be selected for such an important event which includes such an important Australian building.
"I hope they like my paintings, they have gone from sand to canvas and now to the opera house, it's a clever way to show many people our culture."

APY Lands | online exibition

From: Oct 03, 2015

Artists from this special part of Australia have become some of the best-known and most collectible Indigenous Artists in Australia. Experience a rich, diverse and energetic selection of works in our third level collectors' gallery. Artists Include: Tommy Watson, Jimmy Baker, Maringka Baker, Teresa Baker, Patricia Baker Tunkin, Sylvia Ken, Elaine Woods, Bronwyn Jimmy, Venita Woods, Jorna Newberry, Janice Woods, Wipana Jimmy, Julie Woods, Katrina Pollard Nampitjinpa, Kay Baker, Anne Dixon Nangala & Angela Watson

Minnie | online exibition

From: Aug 10, 2015

An exquisite body of work by one of the all time great Aboriginal artists. Enjoy her strong, confident and immensely striking works in our third level collectors' gallery from 10 August to 5 September.

Ronnie - The Enduring Master | online exibition

From: Apr 11, 2015

From a young boy living a traditional life, to the eve of his solo show at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa has had an incredible life.

This month, Kate Owen Gallery is celebrating the career of Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, a leading Aboriginal painter and living legend of Papunya.

A Window to a Hidden Past - Jack Dale | online exibition

From: Jan 10, 2015

"when us old fellas pass away our history and stories will be in my paintings" - Jack Dale, 2007

Jack Dale has a special place in the hearts of the KOG Crew. Back in 2013 we were thrilled to showcase Jack's latest body of work, and it was with a heavy heart that we learnt it was to be his last.

In this special tribute exhibition, Neil McLeod - one of Australia's leading photographers and researchers of Aboriginal culture, and long time friend of Jack Dale - will be showcasing his personal collection of Jack Dale's artwork.

Until now, the closest the public could get to Neil McLeod's significant collection was through reproductions in his book Jack Dale Mengenen (2010). But for a limited time, visitors to Kate Owen Gallery will have the opportunity to view and purchase an artist who is known as one of the greats from the Kimberley.

Jack Dale's artwork is a window to a hidden past and a doorway to a greater understanding of Indigenous Australian culture and history, a fact that makes his artwork highly collectible. They are important historical and cultural documents, which could equally hang in a fine art gallery or a museum, where their anthropological value is outstanding.

These paintings raise your interest and beg to be talked about and considered. Despite the sometimes grim subject matter, there is an enchanting and buoyant spirit in his art, just as there was in this resilient man.