Current Sydney Art Gallery Exhibitions

Land + Sky: Impressions of Country

From: Mar 06, 2021
Until: Apr 03, 2021

Kate Owen Gallery is proud to present Land + Sky: Impressions of Country, a solo show by Sarrita King featuring her latest body of work.
There is a refined ethereal beauty to these artworks, which represent the elements and their interaction with the landscape.

Of the Land

From: Feb 08, 2021
Until: Mar 08, 2021

There is an imperfect, yet appealing shape and character retained in organic material. This beautiful collection of artworks showcases the artists from across Australia that have used their Country in their art.

Some of the artworks featured are from the Kimberley region and have thick layers of traditional pigments. Despite all the earthiness, there is a restraint and sophistication that makes the works perfect for modern interiors.

While other artworks have traces of everyday life in the bush; dust, pieces of earth and heavens knows what - Classic Aboriginal Art.

Then there are the mesmerizing Larrakitj Memorial Poles, made of hollow stringybark logs and painted with a long thin handmade brush that is covered with pigment and then drawn carefully over the surface of the pole. Layer upon layers of ochre lines are applied, turning the surface into a state of shimmering brilliance.

By creating artworks that are of the land and asserting once's identity and connection to place, you could say these artworks are a 'title deeds' to Country.