Gallery Services

Customer service is extremely important to us!

At Kate Owen Gallery we offer a wide range of services to our clients - it's all about going that extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction, but also designing our services to suit the specific needs of our busy clients.  If you  have ideas on how we can improve on our services or the way we do business, please let us know.  We appreciate constructive feedback - it's how we grow.

Free consultancy for home or business

Kate Owen Gallery takes pride in the many years of experience our in-house consultants have in art consulting. Our gallery abounds with beautiful artwork. But if you're time poor, we'll bring some to you at your home or business. We'll assess your needs, then bring a selection specifically chosen to suit your taste and your space, or to meet your investment needs. You save time - and our friendly consultants don't even charge!

Residential art consulting

Not only that, but our staff really enjoy their work! “Going on that journey with a client to find the perfect painting is rewarding and brings me a lot of joy” says Surrey Webb, Senior Art Consultant.

Aboriginal Designs

Whether you’re buying paintings for your home or office, our consultants can ascertain your artwork requirements and help you find the perfect aesthetic for your space.

With the basic elements taken care of, like budget, consideration of scale, level of detail and palette along with providing explanations of the paintings, it leaves you free to discover and develop your own taste in Aboriginal art.

Corporate art consulting

Art in the office environment makes a statement, it reflects your organisation's style  and creates an atmosphere of success and stability.

Well chosen, well placed, dynamic paintings help to create a contemporary, stylish work  environment, a 'talking point' to be appreciated by staff and visitors alike.

Kate Owen Gallery have an outstanding selection of Aboriginal art, more than 2,000 paintings  by over 300 artists, from emerging to established. 

Large Aboriginal Art

Our huge stock caters for a wide variety of styles and price points.

Digital hanging - for the time poor

This is a great service for interior designers, architects and all those time challenged people who are too busy to visit the gallery.

Email us digital images of the wall (including your artist, colour or taste preferences) and we email the photos back with paintings hanging on the wall.  See exactly how each painting will look in the room. So easy!

As well as our digital hang services we have our exclusive feature on our website where you can see how an artwork will look on your own walls yourself. Upload your wall image someplace and copy in the website address into our field and you can easily try the art on your own walls. You can also try your favorite artworks on our stock images, like dining room, hallway or home office setting! Find Out More

Try before you buy

We encourage you to take a painting or two home for a few days to see how it works in your space. You can learn a lot about your taste this way. Like music, some art takes time to get to know. The best art reveals itself slowly.... We let you have time.

Why not commission a painting?

If there's an artist, size or style you like, many artists will do one for you (including Kate). So you get an artwork specially painted for you and it costs you no more for the privilege.

Join the KO Gallery Club

If you would like to become one of our valued club members, you will be kept advised of special offers,  premium artworks and receive additional member benefits and services.  It's our way of giving back to our supporters.  To become a member, just complete the simple sign up form, and welcome on board!

We hope you find our services helpful and we really appreciate hearing any suggestions or feedback at