Aboriginal Art Styles

There are many styles of Australian Aboriginal Art - and the diversity makes the genre both exciting and constantly self renewing.

Gloria Petyarre painting
Bush Medicine Leaves
Made famous by Gloria Petyarre's winning artwork in the coveted Art Gallery of New South Wales 'Wynne Prize' for landscape 1999...
Close up of a larrakitj memorial pole
Cross Hatching
Common in Northern Australia and known also as Rarrk paintings, these works are believed to hold great spirit and power through the crossing of fine lines...
Painting by Sarrita King with a large dotted concentric circle
Dot Paintings
Varying from the finest of dot work made with thin sticks, to the most wild and vigorous, colourful dots, these works exemplify Aboriginal Art in most people's minds...
Polly Ngale painting
Dub Dub Paintings
Emily Kame Kngwarreye astounded the contemporary art world internationally with her powerful colour compositions derived from pushing the paint laden brush into the canvas...
example of a red colour field painting by Kudditji Kngwarreye
Colour Fields
In the Aboriginal Art world, genius Kudditji Kngwarreye is master of this technique. Without knowing, he echoes the works of Mark Rothko, but with a decidedly more vigorous style...
Trevor Turbo Brown painting one of his animals in a naive style
Naïve Indigenous Art
the works of this style qualify on the world stage as Naïve works as they represent the day to day life of Australian Indigenous peoples and are executed in an innocent and untrained style…