Types of Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art has been around for many thousand years, and during that time it has taken a multitude of forms and been used for many purposes.

Charmaine Pwerle - Awelye - Body Paint
Awelye, Body Paint and Ceremonial Artifacts
Transient in nature, body paint designs have more latterly been painted in acrylic by famous artists such as Minnie Pwerle and her descendants.
Bark Painting
Bark Paintings
The oldest form of Aboriginal Art, yet relatively lacking in longevity.
Aboriginal Ancient Rock Art
Aboriginal Rock Art
There are engravings on cave walls in Arnhem Land dating back at least 40,000 years.
Ochre Painting
Ochre Paintings
Originally prepared using only natural earth pigments with vegetable or animal binders.
Fibre Art
Fibre Art
Originally practical objects, and now objects of beauty and importance.
Sculpture and Wood Carving
Wood Carvings and Sculpture
Varied and exciting developments from traditional to contemporary.
Paintings on Canvas
Paintings on Canvas, Linen or Board
Inspired by Geoffrey Bardon in the early 1970's, and now one of the most acclaimed art movements in the world.
Works on Paper
Works on Paper
Albert Namatjira's name is synonymous with this style which largely concentrates on landscapes of the West McDonnell Ranges.
Textiles and Clothing
An opportunity to adapt traditional art, using new materials, for an outside market.
New Media
New Media
Many Indigenous Australian artists have embraced new technology and new media.


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