Aboriginal Art for Sale - Save up to 50% on 100+ Works

Year End Art Sale

It's true what they say; an artwork is the gift that keeps on giving! This festive season, Kate Owen Gallery has made it easy for everyone to spoil their loved ones with our end of year sale with up to 50% off hundreds of amazing Aboriginal paintings. Our clients have a unique opportunity to pick up a great bargain on our Australian Aboriginal art. Many of the artworks are by well-known and collectible Indigenous artists, others are simply great Aboriginal art for sale at a great price. Artworks include everything from dot paintings from the western desert to bush medicine leaf paintings from the Utopia region. All artworks come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are available to be shipped worldwide. Sign up to our KO Gallery Club for sale news and special promotions.

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Price: $600.00
Size: H-61 x W-61 cm.

Bush Yam Leaves - DLPJ0037

"Bush Yam Leaves - DLPJ0037"

Dulcie Long Pula

Price: $796.00
Size: H-61 x W-60 cm.

Mud Mussels - RMMG0066

"Mud Mussels - RMMG0066"

Rosemary Parrabaty Morgan

Price: $7,995.00
Size: H-90 x W-152 cm.

Kalaya Tjukurrpa - TBAFD30/1221

"Kalaya Tjukurrpa - TBAFD30/1221"

Teresa Baker

Price: $2,495.00
Size: H-61 x W-152 cm.

Tingari - WTJJ0002

"Tingari - WTJJ0002"

Walala Tjapaltjarri

Price: $1,495.00
Size: H-88 x W-95 cm.

My Country - Awelye - JGKJ0018

"My Country - Awelye - JGKJ0018"

Janet Golder Kngwarreye

Price: $520.00
Size: H-30 x W-91 cm.

Bush Yam Leaves - RPEJ0024

"Bush Yam Leaves - RPEJ0024"

Rosemary Petyarre

Price: $1,195.00
Size: H-92 x W-60 cm.

Walpa Tjukurpa - JNEGC1007

"Walpa Tjukurpa - JNEGC1007"

Jorna Newberry

Price: $4,495.00
Size: H-91 x W-151 cm.

My Country - APPJ0003

"My Country - APPJ0003"

Anna Price Petyarre

Price: $3,600.00
Size: H-152 x W-91 cm.

Waru - JNEGC1010

"Waru - JNEGC1010"

Jorna Newberry

Price: $1,995.00
Size: H-91 x W-97 cm.

Grandmother's Country - MEPU23036

"Grandmother's Country - MEPU23036"

Michelle Possum Nungurrayi

Price: $4,400.00
Size: H-90 x W-150 cm.

Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) - LNBG0058

"Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) - LNBG0058"

Lola Nampijinpa Brown

Price: $1,250.00
Size: H-74 x W-74 cm.

Sand Dunes - SBEBE0006

"Sand Dunes - SBEBE0006"

Stephen Pengarte Berger

Price: $5,750.00
Size: H-91 x W-76 cm.

Awurrapun - HMCMG1147

"Awurrapun - HMCMG1147"

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty

Price: $15,750.00
Size: H-100 x W-200 cm.

Rak Bulgul (Country around Bulgul) - HMCG0060

"Rak Bulgul (Country around Bulgul) - HMCG0060"

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty

Price: $5,495.00
Size: H-90 x W-121 cm.

Ancestors - Dry Season - SKIGC1001

"Ancestors - Dry Season - SKIGC1001"

Sarrita King

Artworks Found:  465 - Page: 1 of 20