Gift & Wedding Registry

What better gift for a special occasion, than a beautiful piece of art?

Our Wedding and Gift Registry allows couples or individuals to choose the perfect artwork/s to remind them of their special day.

When you use our service; 

  • We promise to make it easy and effortless;
  • We help you choose the right artwork for your home and lifestyle;
  • You will be given your own web page and login details;
  • Images of you and the painting/s you have chosen will be displayed on your page; and
  • You can write your own personalised message for people to see;
  • Guests simply log on to the page, read your details, and make their donation on line,
  • After the wedding we will present you with details of all the donations made (so easy for thank you letters);
  • And we'll even arrange delivery of the artwork - right to the event venue if you wish.

The gift doesn't have to be for you!

Friends, co-workers, or family can also set up gift registries for surprise presents, retirement gifts, anniversaries and the like. The registry can be for a gift voucher, or to make it more personal, it can be a painting you think the recipient will like. In this case, if they really don't like the painting, we will happily find, and exchange it for, a painting they love!

Please contact or visit us to set up your registry and to discuss the possibilities.

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