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Price: $2,395.00
Size: H-121 x W-91 cm.

Grandmother's Country - PJNG0021

"Grandmother's Country - PJNG0021"

Patricia Jackson Napanangka

Price: $11,600.00
Size: H-225 x W-150 cm.

My Grandmother's Country - TEPG0027

"My Grandmother's Country - TEPG0027"

Teresa Purla

Price: $2,395.00
Size: H-106 x W-76 cm.

Awelye Atnwengerrp - LIPG0021

"Awelye Atnwengerrp - LIPG0021"

Lizzie Pwerle

Price: $2,995.00
Size: H-101 x W-87 cm.

Bush Potato Dreaming - LFNG0001

"Bush Potato Dreaming - LFNG0001"

Lorna Fencer Napurrula

Price: $2,495.00
Size: H-91 x W-152 cm.

Marlilu Tjukurrpa - TBAG0019

"Marlilu Tjukurrpa - TBAG0019"

Teresa Baker

Price: $4,795.00
Size: H-122 x W-182 cm.

Awelye and Bush Melon - BMBG0665

"Awelye and Bush Melon - BMBG0665"

Betty Mbitjana

Price: $4,795.00
Size: H-91 x W-152 cm.

Marrapinti - LNAG0019

"Marrapinti - LNAG0019"

Lorna Ward Napanangka

Price: $795.00
Size: H-91 x W-61 cm.

Bush Yam Seed - RPEG0408A

"Bush Yam Seed - RPEG0408A"

Rosemary Petyarre

Price: $6,800.00
Size: H-183 x W-122 cm.

Minma Marlilu Tjukurrpa - TBAG0034

"Minma Marlilu Tjukurrpa - TBAG0034"

Teresa Baker

Price: $6,000.00
Size: H-122 x W-183 cm.

Two Dogs Dreaming - MUMWU2404/14ny

"Two Dogs Dreaming - MUMWU2404/14ny"

Murdie Nampijinpa Morris

Price: $11,995.00
Size: H-179 x W-90 cm.

Coolamon - HMCG0106

"Coolamon - HMCG0106"

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty

Price: $1,995.00
Size: H-61 x W-183 cm.

Bush Yam Leaves - JPEG0817

"Bush Yam Leaves - JPEG0817"

Jeannie Petyarre

Price: $995.00
Size: H-91 x W-61 cm.

Awelye and Bush Melon - BMBG0757

"Awelye and Bush Melon - BMBG0757"

Betty Mbitjana

Price: $2,795.00
Size: H-122 x W-91 cm.

Women's Ceremony - MYO0005

"Women's Ceremony - MYO0005"

Marlene Young

Discounted Artworks Found:  1160 - Page: 5 of 65