Alfonso Puautjimi

Big House - ALP49429

Size: H-80 X W-60 cm.
Medium: Ochre on canvas
Product No: ALP49429
Alfonso painted with the Ngaruwanjirri group from 1997 until its closure in late 2012. Ngaruwanjirri was established in 1994 and was created to provide employment opportunities for the people of Wurrumiyanga and to support local Tiwi artists with disabilities. Alfonso has a bold, playful personality which is expressed through his art. He uses natural orches to create strong and textural works on paper and canvas. Alfonso has also created exquisite Batiks on silk, lino block designs and watercolours, which reveals his versatility as an artist. His subject matter is also varied; from figures, birds, landscapes, boats, planes, cars and geometric patterns to paintings that are inspired from the ceremonial Pukumani poles and head carvings. Alfonso's artistic style is characterized by bold brush strokes, a generous application of paint and black lines over broad areas of colour, finished with dots and lines in colour. There is a sense of whimsy about his work which makes viewing his art a pure delight. His art has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia and is held in national and international collections.