Alfreda Nungarrayi Martin

DOB: 1978
Born: Alice Springs, NT

Alfreda comes from a well-established family of artists. Her mother is Helen Nampijinpa Robertson, her grandfather is Shorty Jangala Robertson, and Alfreda's step-father is Paddy Japaljarri Stewart. All of them are well-known artists both in Australia and overseas.

Alfreda began to paint in 2008. After a short period painting for Warlukurlangu, she moved to Alice Springs and became an independent artist. Since 2015 she has lived in the remote community of Nyirripi and has resumed painting for Warlukurlangu Art Centre.

Alfreda likes to paint her father's Dreaming, Yurrampi Jukurrpa (Honey Ant Dreaming) and her grandfather's Dreaming Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming). She likes using an unrestricted palette to depict her traditional iconography, while at the same time developing her own individualist style.

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