Angelina Manthemarralu Lewis

DOB: 1975
Born: Darwin, NT

Angelina Manthemarralu Lewis is an emerging artist from Belyuen Community, 150 kms from Darwin. The community is located on the Cox Peninsula in Kenbi Land Angelina's cultural influences hail from her mother's country at Cape Ford, south west of the Daly River mouth.

Statement by Angelina:

I have been painting my own artworks for the past year. I have also painted murals as part of Karrabing Collective.

I am inspired by my family. My father is an artist, Tom E Lewis Balang, he was a creative genius. My dad's mum Angelina George was famous for painting flowers. I'm inspired by stories from my mother's country, I carry this knowledge to give to the next generation.

I am a self- taught artist. For the past 12 years I have been involved in Karrabing Collective, where we make and produce short films that talk about past present and future and how it relates to us today. Our films have been viewed all around the world.

I am married and have three children. My parents are Tom E Lewis Balang a well-known actor and singer and Artistic Director for 'Walking with Spirits' as well as many other things. My mother is Sandra Yarrowin who is part of Karrabing Collective. My Grandmother is Angelina George a well-known painter from Ngukkurr.