Biddee Baadjo

Piyurr - BIDJA2275

Size: H-87 X W-96 cm.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Product No: BIDJA2275
The traditional country for Biddee Baadjo includes the lands surrounding the waterhole called Piyurr. The waterhole itself is named after a small bird, red and black in colour, that makes a call that sounds just like this- piyurr, piyurr. This country of the Great Sandy Desert has no surface water, and knowledge of its underground soaks and springs is critical to both animals and humans for survival. Wangkatjungka people have incorporated knowledge of the water sources into their song cycles, a learned body of knowledge that has been passed down through the generations. Biddee Baadjo's paintings record the main feature of the Great Sandy Desert- its long rows of parallel sandhills that flow out of the centre of the continent. Clearly visible from the air, these bands of sandhills affect wind and rain patterns and have developed localised conditions that form various biological pockets in the valleys between them. While all are dry and arid through most of the year, some remain bare while others have abundant vegetation.