Danny Tjampitjinpa Possum Ramzan

Danny Tjampitjinpa Possum Ramzan

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DOB: 1988
Born: Alice Springs, NT
COMMUNITY: Alice Springs, NT

Danny is part of the exciting third generation of artists from the Possum Family. Danny is the son of Michelle Possum and grandson of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, one of the most renown Aboriginal artists of his time. Danny inherited his Dreamings from his grandfather and honours his grandfather's style by producing artworks that have strong Aboriginal iconographic elements which stand out from a highly descriptive background of layered dot work.

Danny lives in Victoria with his wife Kamara and their two sons, Khalifa and Lamara.

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Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020 Family Business - The Art of the Possum Family, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney