Dhinawan Baker

Dhinawan Baker

DOB: 28 Oct 1974
Born: Brisbane, QLD
LANGUAGE: Bigambul

Dhinawan is a proud descendant of the Gamillaroi Bigambul tribe and a multifaceted artist. He is passionate about his culture, which he communicates through murals, graphic design and on canvas.

The theme close to his heart is "water": its importance especially to Australia, how it is hidden deep underground in the tiniest of drops, eventually collecting in artesian basins, and from there slowly making its way towards the surface, changing its surrounds in its path.

Without water, there would be nothing.

Dhinawan is also a sought after public key note speaker (Telstra, Foxtel, Oxfam, amongst many more) and respected cultural ambassador, who uses the mediums of dance, song and storytelling to promote cultural awareness. He has won the New South Wales Premier's Encouragement Award for Education & Knowledge for his work with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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