After 20 years in the arts industry, from his first exhibition to his most recent works. Divvii remains one of Australia's most unique and interesting artists.

Son of a Navajo Indian mother and aboriginal father, Divvii's nomadic lifestyle and unique genealogy are clearly expressed in his art. After researching the rituals and customs of his parent's tribes, Divvii has melded the two cultures to form his unique style. Symbols and mythical stories of the two cultures are combined in a juxtapostitoin of his Western experiences and lifestyle. His paintings reveal an inner message, a melting pot of his cultural inspirations and beliefs.

His journey as an artist began when his surfboard designs were spatted at Bells Beach almost 20 years ago. The surfboards themselves became pieces of art with 20 being displayed in an exhibition at the ACA. This show led Divvii to create designs for clothing for a range of surf wear companies including Ripcurl, Mambo and Quicksilver. His skills and talents as an artist continued to develop with projects like this and through his constant creation of art works wherever he travelled.

Through burying bags full of art supplies and other equipment in secret locations, throughout Australia, Divvii's travels do not inhibit his ability to create artworks. Spending time in various placed throughout Australia is important to the artist. By escaping into the wilderness, Divvii rejuvenates his heart and soul, reaffirming his artistic inspiration. Whether in Western Australia or in the outback, he spends this time observing the land. The colours of rocks and landscapes in the morning and evening light, the contrast of the sand and sky at the beach, how birds flock to an area after a storm. He believes in the spiritual and healing power of colour

On talking of Broome, "The climate sucks you in, the colour's are so beautiful, the turquoise water, the beach, the land, everything about it is so special, it's my favourite place in Australia."

This relationship with the land is as strong as his relationship with people. He takes the time to sit and listen to an elder, or to play and paint with the younger generation. Learning what he can from both through listening, observing and enjoying the experience.