Djurrayun Murrinyina

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DOB: 1974
COMMUNITY: Balma/Gangan

Djurrayun's moiety is Dhuwa. She is from the Djarrwark, Lulmarrangu clans and her homelands are Balma and Gangan. Djurrayun's maternal uncle in the great Gawirrin Gumana AO, one of Australia's most important artists and a significant Yolngu Elder.

Djurrayun's uncle has maintained the art of the Djarrwark clan in his role as Djunggayi (an authoritative 'care-taker' played by a person or group for their Mother's ceremony). He is passing his knowledge on to the next generation of clan members, including Djurrayun who lives in the same homeland as her uncle. In 2007 she began to paint these clan designs in her own right.

Her bark paintings and larrakitj memorial poles contain layers of natural pigment applied in a crosshatching technique known as 'rarrk'. This, combined with her straight and parallel ribbons of clan designs, produces optical effects that transform the surface of the stringybark to the appearance of water that is effected by the Ancestral presence of the Djang'kawu Creators.

She is the only member of the Djarrwark clan to paint the scared clan designs in at least fifteen years, making her an important voice in the Yolngu art scene and the art world.

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Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 The Women's Show | 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2021 Of the Land, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2018 Minytji - Essence of the Land, Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery, Brussels
2015 Mother to Daughter: On Art and Caring for Homelands, The Cross Art Projects, Sydney
2011 Barrku! Treasures from a Distant Land, Harvey Art Projects, Sun Valley, USA