Galya Pwerle

Galya Pwerle

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DOB: c.1930
Born: Utopia, NT
LANGUAGE GROUP: Anmatyerre/Alyawarre

Galya Pwerle was born during the 1930s in the Utopia region. Sister of the highly acclaimed artist Minnie Pwerle, Galya was encouraged to paint by her niece Barbara Weir in 2004 along with her sisters Molly and Emily Pwerle. The three sisters currently live and paint from the tiny community of Irrultja, a Utopia settlement with a population of approximately one hundred people. All paint the Awelye Atnwengerrp dreaming, however each have developed their own unique style. Galya typically paints an under layer that depicts Awelye, or ceremonial body paint, followed by a layer dotting in brilliant colour. This abstracts the Awelye design creating an element of mystery and tradition. Galya was nominated for a Telstra award in 2005 and 2008 and is currently exhibited widely throughout Australian galleries.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Beyond the Veil, Olsen Gruin, New York