Jack Dale

Amalar and the invaders- Battle of Bell Creek Gorge - JDAMN001

Size: H-80 X W-94 cm.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Product No: JDAMN001
AMALAR AND THE INVADERS - BATTLE OF BELL CREEK GORGE -- "This is how a big mob of devil devil people from Turkey Creek and Texas Downs tried to steal our Ngarrinyin land near Bell Creek Gorge. They told my Wandjina Amalar that they needed my land because it had the waterfall for all their kids to drink and play in. My Wandjina said No. He told all this mob to lay down their spears. The devil devil people said no. They wanted to fight for the waterfall. The Devil Devil mob hid under the waterfall and waited to attack. But Amalar surprised them and came over the top of the waterfall with all his Wandjina mates and they won the battle. Amalar grew really big and swallowed the Devil Devil people. Inside his belly they changed and grew into eggs. His guts got bigger and bigger then exploded off. The eggs came out and cracked open. The Devil Devil people had turned into birds, snakes and goannas. They all now live around Mornington Station and Glenroy. They give the Ngarinyin mob a good feed now!"