Jack Dale

Windjingare Packhorse Road - JDAMN003

Size: H-51 X W-87 cm.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Product No: JDAMN003
WANDJINGARE PACKHORSE ROAD -- "After my father died my grandfather took me deep into the scrub so the station mob couldn't find me. The nearest road was the Windjingare packhorse road. One day I was hunting on the hill in long speargrass and I heard a horses coming. I looked down to the road and saw a lot of kids and mothers walking followed up by the men in chains and a black tracker on a horse with a gun. All the men were chained up by the neck. My grandfather said the black tracker would always give the women and kids lollies to stay with the march into Derby. When they got to Derby the men would be put in the Prison Tree. The women would get more lollies if they said in the courthouse that their husband stole a sheep or speared a cow or ran away from a station. They were like a witness. The man would be sent to Roeboerne or Rottnest jail if he was really bad but most of them were sent back to be a slave on a station. The kids and womens had to walk all the way back home."