Jack Dale

Japanese Zeros Attacking Dutch Seaplanes- Roebuck Bay 1942 - JDAMN004

Size: H-51.5 X W-65.5 cm.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Product No: JDAMN004
JAPANESE ZEROS ATTACKING DUTCH SEAPLANES - ROEBUCK BAY, 1942 -- 1 July 2012 -- "I was in Broome looking after a mob of cattle for the boat. I was twenty something. A bloke was yelling on the loudspeaker 'the Japs are coming'. The planes all came in at the same time. They had the red circle and the propeller on the front. They shot at the town first and then they got the water planes in the bay. They came back and shot at me and some poor buggers swimming in the bay. My mate Jim Kelly got his head shot off. He was running to get the battery to start up the truck I was hiding under. We just wanted to get out of there. There was bullets, bombs everything. A lot of poor buggers got killed and drowned."