Jack Dale

Yarda, Ungud & Wandjina - JDAMN008

Size: H-49 X W-87 cm.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Product No: JDAMN008
YARDA, UNGUD AND WANDJINA -- "That line coming down from the top is the power at Idjair the big boss Wandjina in the Milky Way. He is bringing his power down to the Wandjina and the Ungud snake. The Ungud snake is represented by the rainbow. This Wandjina called Wallungunda moved all the rocks around and he made the snake carve out all the valleys and mountains. That Yarda (Kangaroo) and Galeru (python) remind us of the rainbow. The Yarda's tail is really a snake with the rainbow inside it. That's why he tastes so good and has the power to fly instead of walking. That Wandjina and snake is still back in the ground ready to make another world one day. When we see the rainbow it reminds us that he is still there."