Kathleen Buzzacott

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DOB: 1970
Born: Alice Springs, NT
LANGUAGE GROUP: Pitjantjatjara
COMMUNITY: Aliec Springs, NT

Kathleen Buzzacott was born in 1970 in Central Australia. She moved to Queensland for some time with her brother and sister to live with her father. However at aged 10, she returned to live with her mother at Hermannsburg in Central Australia. These formative years hunting and digging for honey ants are often reflected in her art.

Kathleen bases her art on her early childhood experiences and her life in general. Her husband and two sons still hunt Emu and kangaroo and they often go camping around her husband's traditional land west of Alice Springs.
Kathleen is also gaining recognition of her jewellery design. She started using natural seeds and more traditional forms of design but now has elevated to being chosen to exhibit her work in Sydney in April 2014.