Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa

Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa

DOB: c. 1950
Born: Kiwirrkurra, WA

Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa was born near Kiwirrkura in 1950. His early years he spent travelling with his family in Wilkinkarra. During times of serious drought, the group followed a Welfare Patrol to Papunya around 1963.

Later, Kenny moved to Balgo Hills with a group of Pintupi people, eventually returning to Papunya, where he then, with his brother Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, transferred to Intinti outstation, west of Kintore.

Kenny Williams depicts his country around the area of Kiwirrkura, which he has painted for Papunya Tula Artists since 1988. He paints with esoteric lines which show his country and its mythological significance.

In 2000 Kenny Williams was awarded the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.