Ngaya Eora Birrung (I belong with the people from here) - KONKK0102

Size: H-140 X W-196 cm.
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
 ·  $16,650 (was $18,500)
Product No: KONKK0102
Didactic: l am Eora. I am From Here. Thave never felt more emotional painting a piece than I have creating this girl. I've connected with my elders on a truly beautiful and meaningful project. I've advocated for the fair treatment of other Aboriginal artists, I've sat on Country and had prominent corporates and my best mates ask how they help me to champion these Black and White conversations in the year of the Voice. It has been an utterly overwhelming artist process for this girl who feels today strong and like a woman. Strong in my mind, strong in my culture, strong in my skin and strong in my connection to Eora.