Raining on Eora (Garanga) - KONGH0074

Framed: YES
Size: H-140 X W-246 cm.
Medium: Acrylic and Ochre on Canvas
Price: $29,995.00 AUD
   (*Taxes Included)
Product No: KONGH0074
This is Garanga. Raining on Eora: Garanga (pronounced Car- ran - ga) Translation: the scars or incisions of the skin that is common among all Aboriginal tribes. Ochres ethically and respectfully collected from all 29 clan areas of the Eora Nation and acrylic paint on canvas. Scarring is like a language of its own, precisely, and ritually inscribed on the body, where each deliberately placed scar tells a story of pain, endurance, identity, status, beauty, courage, sorrow, or grief. These are the Garanga of my Country. They show me the many effects of Colonisation on Country, its people, its place, its heart, and its soul.