Marcia Reid Nangala

Marcia Reid Nangala

DOB: 1993
Born: Papunya, NT

Marcia Reid Nangala is a young Pintupi woman from Tjukurla, WA. She was taught to paint by her mother, Joylene Reid. Her Grandparents are Walangkura Napurrula and Kalara Tjapangarti.

Marcia's works are primarily 'Women's Tingari' depictions of her country and the sacred women's sites between the communities of Kintore and Kiwirrkurra in the Western Desert of Central Australia. Her people would conduct important ceremonies at these sites and tell stories of traveling ancestors who would gather at these sites to rest, sing and dance in the past.

Marcia's choice of colours usually represent the more traditional pigments used for ground designs and body decoration. Her sense of design and movement shows the close association between painted images and the physical landscape. Like her mother Joylene, Marcia prides herself on her dotting technique.

Marcia and her son spend their time between her home community and Alice Springs.