Milpati Baker

Milpati Baker

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DOB: 1962
Born: Yalata, SA
LANGUAGE GROUP: Pitjantjatjara

Mipati Baker was born in Yalata, South Australia in 1962. Her father (from Kunumata country near Nyapari community) had travelled south to Yalata where he met Milpati's mother, a woman from Tjuntjuntjara.

As a young girl Milpati moved to Indulkana with her father and later went to Yirara College in Alice Springs to finish her schooling. Milpati married Anton Baker (Jimmy Baker's son) shortly after and moved to Fregon where she helped set up the Fregon craft room. In the early eighties she moved with the family to Kanpi Community, which is her husband's and father's country.

Milpati's work is based on the traditional knowledge handed down from her parents and grandparents of food collection and water sources which were vital for survival in this dynamic desert landscape.


  • Artbank, Sydney