Natasha Nakamarra Oldfield

Natasha Nakamarra Oldfield

DOB: 21 Feb 1981
LANGUAGE: Warlpiri

Natasha learnt to paint at school as well as watching her family paint. She began painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal owned and governed art centre located in Yuendumu, in 1999.

She paints her Jukurrpa stories, Dreamings which relate directly to her land, its features and the plants and animals that inhabit it. These stories were passed down to her by her parents and their parents before them for millennia. She loves colour and uses an unrestricted palette to depict her traditional iconography, at the same time developing a modern individualist style, using pattern and design in a variety of contexts.

The Dreamings Natasha paints belong to the women of the Nakamarra and Napurrula, as well as the men of the Jakamarra and Japurrula skin groups such as are the 'Warna Jukurrpa' (Snake Dreaming), 'Jurlpu kaju kalu nyinami Yurntamu-wana' (Birds that live around Yuendumu) and 'Ngatijirri Jukurrpa' (Budgerigar Dreaming)

Biography courtesy of Warlukurlangu Art Centre