Peggy Purvis

Bush Plum - PPUV22180

Size: H-90 X W-120 cm.
Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Product No: PPUV22180
Peggy Purvis Petyarre was born around 1948 and is the sister of Annie, Angela and Susan Pununga. She is related to the renowned Central Australian artist Gloria Petyarre. Peggy paints her mother's dreaming which include Kangaroo and Engedkina (pumpkin dreaming) as well as other general dreaming from the Utopia region. Peggy spends most of her time in the Utopia homelands community and resides at Mulga Bore in Woola Downs where she paints. Peggy also enjoys painting at Gloria Petyarre's studio in Alice Springs. Peggy is not a prolific painter, choosing to paint only when she needs money for shopping rather than big ticket items like motorcars for which many of the artists contend.