Peter Mbitjana Palmer

Peter Mbitjana Palmer

DOB: c.1970
Born: Santa Teresa Mission , NT
LANGUAGE: Eastern & Central Arrente
REGION: Central Desert

Peter Mbitjana Palmer is an eastern and central Arrente man who was born at Santa Teresa Mission (80kms south east of Alice Springs) around 1970.

Peter's home country is Arlpme or Bond Springs Station. Peter started painting around 1994 and generally paints his grandfather's dreamings from Arlpme or Napipa (Yambah Station) country.

Yalka (Bush Onion) Dreaming is an important story for the artist and his family. Bush onions are small bulbs found in the soft soil on the banks of sandy creeks. They are dug up on the creek banks when the grass of the onions has dried out and can be eaten raw or cooked in the hot earth by the fire. It is an important food which is highly sought after.

Peter has been a practising artist for many years now, and his experimentation has resulted in a truly unique method of depicting his dreamings. There is a refinement to his work, which makes his art truly exquisite and the centrepiece of any interior.

Peter spends his time between his family's outstation at Untyeye (Corkwood) Bore and Alice Springs.