Silas Hobson

Silas Hobson

DOB: 18 May 1978
Born: Lockhart River, QLD
LANGUAGE: Kuuku Ya'u / Wuthathi
COMMUNITY: Lockhart River, QLD

Silas Hobson was born in 1978 and has lived in Lockhart River, in the far North of Queensland, all of his life. Silas began painting in 1996 and is one of the original group of artists who started painting in Lockhart River, known as the 'Art Gang'. Over the years Silas has established a solid mark as a leading artist from Lockhart River.

Silas works in print, painting and sculpture and creates highly individual artworks that speak about Lockhart River's traditional ways, stories and beliefs. His work captures his ancestral spirits, the link to culture, tradition, language stories and way of life both past and present. His paintings also capture the desires of the ancestral spirits and great elders of the past and present to preserving the life and values that have given identity to language and clan groups in Lockhart River.

Life in Lockhart River centres around one's relationship with each other and with the sea, land and animals, which is evident in Silas' art. There is also a message of reconciliation, of people coming together and learning about each other's culture.

Silas has had great success in a number of solo exhibitions, and has exhibited extensively throughout Australia in group exhibitions. He has also exhibited in the USA, France, Switzerland and Italy. Silas has won a number of awards and has been collected by State and National institutions.

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'A lot of my paintings are about people coming together, white people, black people, all kinds of people and even spirit people. Most of my works are about coming together, listening and yarning amongst each other, teaching, learning about each other, their way and our way and their culture and our culture'. 'I enjoy my art and I am happy that my art can go to places and homes where I know that I too have been welcomed through arts.'. - Silas Hobson