Teresa Baker

Teresa Baker

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DOB: 1977
Born: Alice Springs, NT
LANGUAGE GROUP: Pitjantjatjara

Teresa Baker was born in Alice Springs in 1977 and grew up in Kanpi, South Australia, where she lived with her grandparents, the celebrated artist Jimmy Baker and his wife. At the time she was first in Kanpi, the community was in its early stages of development and had no houses. Later she moved to Fregon to live with her mother, artist Kay Baker. She completed her schooling in Fregon and in Adelaide. After leaving school, Teresa began working at a Kanpi school teaching Pitjanjara language.

Teresa started painting in 2005 at Tjungu Palya art centre, where she was taught by her grandfather, Jimmy. Teresa is a talented and intuitive artist, whose paintings possess a great depth of expression. Many of her works depict the woman's creation figure, Marlilu.

Teresa is married with three children and currently spends her time between Alice Springs, Kanpi and her homelands at Watarru.


  • Artbank, Sydney
  • Levi and Kaplan Collection, Seattle, USA
  • Thomas Vroom Collection, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • University of QLD Art Museum, St Lucia, QLD
  • W & V Mcgeoch, Melbourne
  • Fondation Burkhardt-Felder Arts et Culture, Motiers, Switzerland
  • Monash University Collection, Melbourne

Awards and Recognition

2017 Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of NSW - Finalist
2016 64th Blake Prize - Finalist
2016 33rd NATSIAA, Darwin- Finalist
2013 Kate Challis RAKA Award - Finalist
2013 30th NATSIAA, Darwin - Finalist
Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara, NT: Artist in Residence


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2019 Teresa Baker, Minyma Malilunya, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2017 Teresa Baker, Minyma Malilunya, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Teresa Baker, Minyma Malilunya, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2022 The Women's Show 2022, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2022 After Lightning, by the Tjungu Palya Artists, Bus Project, Collingwood/Melbourne
2021 Anangu Women Artists, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle
2021 Voyage across Aboriginal Australia - Founders' Favourites, Fondation Burkhardt-Felder Arts et Culture, Moitiers, Switzerland
2021 The Women's Show | 15th Anniversary Exhibition, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2020 Anangu Artists - We carry story in our hearts, Japingka Gallery, Perth
2020 Director's Choice 2020, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2019 Before Time Bagan, Fondation Opale, Lens, Switzerland
2019 International Women's Day, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2018 Tjungungku Tjukurpa Kunpu Rawangku Kanyinytjaku: Together We Are Protecting Our Stories, Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney
2018 Baker Family Exhibition, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2017 Territoire du Reve, The Pierre Arnaud Foundation, Lens, Switzerland
2017 Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
2017 Walkatjunanyi Inmaku, Redot Fine Art, Singapore
2017 Empreintes Eternelles, Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery, Brussels
2016 Good Together, Short St Gallery, Broome
2016 Gems from the Desert, Aboriginal Signature Estrangin Gallery, Brussels
2016 Painting More Painting, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.
2016 National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Awards MAGNT, Darwin
2014 The Womens Show, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Tjungu Palya - The Next Generation online exhibition, Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2013 APY Lands Survey Exhibition, Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2013 New Paintings Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2013 Minymaku Ara - Womens Way, Viven Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Tjintu Kutjupa Tjintu Kutupa - Desert Days, Redot Gallery, Singapore
2013 Shalom Gamarada Art Fair Woollahra, Sydney
2012 Australian Contemporary Art II, Vivien Anderson Gallery in association with Chiaroscurio Gallery, SanteFe, New Mexico
2012 Tjungu Palya Tjukurpa, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2012 Tjungu Kutju-tu: Together as One, Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney
2012 Ara Irititja Ara Kuwaritja - Old Stories Going Forward, Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2012 Desert Mob, Araluen Cultural Precinct, Alice Springs
2012 Tjungu Palya, Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2012 Kanpi Car Show, McCulloch & McCulloch at Salt Contemporary, Queenscliff
2011 Watarru Tjukurpa, Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2011 Minymaku Tjukurpa Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Shalom Gamarada Art Fair Woollahra, Sydney
2011 Wati Kalaya: Celebrating the work and life of Jimmy Baker, Raft Artspace, Alice Springs
2011 Tjungu Palya, Short St Gallery, Broome
2011 Tjungu Palya Masterpieces, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2009 Alwara-wara Side by side, Outstation Gallery, Darwin
2009 Wanampiku Munu Kalayaku Ngura, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2008 Tjukurpa kunpa, Marshall Arts, Adelaide
2008 Tjungu Palyaku Warka Nyuwana, Redot Gallery, Singapore
2007 Uwankara Ngura Palya, Randell Lane Fine Art, Perth
2007 Celebration, Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2007 Desert Mob, Araluen Gallery, Alice Springs