Wulu Marawili

Wulu Marawili

DOB: 1967

Wulu's moiety is Yirritja. His clan is Madarrpa and his homeland is Yilpara, NT. Wulu's father was Marrirra Marawilli, one of the senior artists involved in the 1988 Barunga Statement. It is one of several significant painted documents that Aboriginal people have presented to the Australian Government. The Barunga Statement was presented to Prime Minister Bob Hawke and called for Indigenous rights.

Wulu lives in Yilpara with his family and has been taking over painting responsibilities from his father. He has continued this process since the passing of his father in 2018.

Wulu creates striking bark paintings and larrakitj memorial poles. The subject matter of his work revolves around Baru the Ancestral Crocodile. Wulu is also a talented Yidaki (digeridoo) player.

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