Marjorie Terrikil Morgan History and Collections

StatementMy name is Marjorie Morgan, Terrikil; I am a woman from the Wadjigan tribe. I was born at Manjimamany, on the 1st July 1946, to one of the most skilled canoe makers; Liman Morgan. I was raised around Banakula through to Binybiny, Kabul and Tjirrbul. I attended my primary school at Delissaville, I then moved on to Daly River where I stayed in dorms whilst I attended secondary schooling.

In the late 60's I moved to East Arm where I volunteered as a cleaner then my mum passed away in 1973. I moved to Daly River for a couple of years and then on to Delissaville. During the early 70's I moved to Bagot Community where I met my former partner and eventually had my only son.

On having my son my family and I moved back to Bulgul then five years later we moved back to Darwin so my son could attend school. After completing schooling we moved to Bulgul in which I reside today. I love painting on my land and I have been painting since 2007.