Interior Design with Tim Leveson Interiors (TLI)

“Recently Kate Owen Gallery teamed up with Tim Leveson Interiors (TLI) for a Real Living Magazine photo shoot for their October issue.

Tim Leveson Interiors is a boutique Sydney-based business with a small team of designers and stylists dedicated to their mission statement 'Make Space Work'.

In preparation for the shoot, we selected eight works which we thought might be suitable. On the morning of the shoot we pulled up to the beautifully renovated Federation home of Tim and his partner, Libby Knott with a van full of stunning paintings that were then transported around various rooms to find the perfect fit.

Eventually we all settled on an amazing Walangkura Napanangka that became the centre piece for the master bedroom. The resulting images were fantastic and everyone was thrilled with the result.”

Tjanpi Desert Weavers

Despite occurring some time ago we here at Kate Owen Gallery are still very, very impressed with this effort by the Tjanpi Desert Weavers: in 2005 20 women spent 3 weeks to create a weaved model of a Toyota.  Measuring in at 4 x 2 m the work was entirely created out of raffia, grass, jute string, chicken wire and steel!  The work went on to claim first prize at the prestigious Telstra Art Award (for 2005).  With judges Doug Hall (Director of the Queensland Art Gallery) and visual artist Destiny Deacon remarking that “Tjanpi Grass Toyota…is a wonderfully witty, well-crafted and relevant work.  In one sense it takes us to the heart of community life and its tradition of weaving from grass that belongs to the women’s country.  On the other hand, this work not only recognises but also celebrates the four-wheel drive as central to desert living for Aboriginal people.”

Tjanpi Toyota, 2005, photo by Thisbe Purich ©Tjanpi Desert Weavers

While we (unfortunately!) do not stock any works by the weavers quite this large we do have a large range of works, of varying sizes.  Including goannas, lizards & snakes through to an assortment of bowls and small figures!  As per usual all works available in the gallery are listed on our website so feel free to check them out!

Contemporary Aboriginal Art #41 - Elaine Woods

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a specific artist or artwork on  our blog. I promise I will try to post more regularly updates of our stock and make you discover new artists!

Along with Nellie Marks Nakamarra and Gracie Ward I was telling you about a few days ago, Elaine Wood is one of the favourites at the gallery at the moment with deep reds and touches of orange or green in her works. Just like Nellie’s works,  Elaine’s works are walking out the door in a flash.

The texture in her works is fantastic and it catches the eye of many every week.

Elaine Woods  Wani Wani  acrylic on linen  120 x 150 cm - $6,125

Wana Wani tells the story of two women on a long journey through the desert country from Irruntji through Tjukurla to Docker River where they meet other women and then move on to Kintore.   In Elaine's country in the Pitjantjatjara lands the two women have been wandering through the sand hills and from rock hole to rock hole.  The women are now camping and eating bush tomatoes and goanna that they have caught.

Balmain/Rozelle Art & Fashion week comes to our gallery

Thanks to all who joined us at kate owen gallery last night, I think we can honestly say that everyone had a fabulous time!

Charlie came along and provided some music on the didgeridoo (and his famous didgeribone) accompanied by the violin, but also gave a talk on the finer details of how kinship in Aboriginal communities works.

Charlie McMahon giving a talk on kinship in aboriginal culture

Kate also gave a wonderfully insightful speech about what really happens behind the scenes in the aboriginal art world, how she selects the paintings, the different players in the industry, explaining what to look out for to make sure a work is authentic and many other things.

Kurun Wurun & Clinton entertained the crowd by providing us with some traditional music, singing and dancing.  Some of the men in the audience even joined in to learn the emu and kangaroo dance, with a bit of practise we might hire them for future events! Kurun also drew much attention by painting for those who were able to stay back a little later.

Kurun Wurun & his friend Clinton entertaining the crowd

So thanks again for helping us to enjoy such a wonderful event!

If you missed out please join us tomorrow and Kurun returns to continue painting in the gallery from 11.30am to 2pm tomorrow.