Barbara Weir Charity Exhibition opens Saturday 16 June


 'Grass Seeds'    120 x 182cm    Acrylic on Linen   Normally: $14,975  Sale price: $11,980

Barbara Weir is an extremely talented, inventive, creative, energetic and hard working artist, who paints in a number of different styles and who pushes her own artistic boundaries in doing so.

The cumulative effect of her amazing work ethic, the fact that she comes from Utopia (birthplace of Indigenous womens art and an area about 280km north east of Alice Springs), that she is part of a highly talented family (from her legendary mother, artist Minnie Pwerle, to a number of close relations who were/are respected artists), and not the least, the story of her own difficult life experiences at the hands of the white administration of the day (as a survivor of the 'Stolen Generation', has seen Barbara Weir become a highly collectible artist, and one who continues to grow in stature at a steady rate.

Along with the strong support of the dynamic Utopian community of artists, Barbara's career as an artist was inspired by the work of her adopted grandmother Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Emily's work had a profound impact on her and in the early 1990's she began seriously to explore her artistic talents. Highly experimental in her approach, Barbara tried many mediums and in 1994 went to Indonesia with other artists to explore the art of batik. This gave her new insights into her own process and she returned full of ideas on how to develop her own style. 

Barbara's works constantly draw upon her life force, her country, her ancestry and the ancient stories embodied in her Indigenous culture.  Whilst she paints in several styles, reinventing her voice at the same time, many of her styles are now almost iconic (such as her 'grass seeds' paintings, many of which are featured in this show).

This is a special exhibition, as we are offering  20% off the list price on all featured pieces until the 30th June.  The discount will not affect the artist's income of course, as she has already been paid in full for all the artworks, and in fact will recieve a further 5% Resale Royalty payment on all artworks sold in the show.  

Discounted price offers such as this are rarely offered on Barbara's Weir's works and of course you can pick up a well priced artwork from this opportunity.

Alternately, for those of you who have a philanthropic tendency, please be aware that our gallery now supports the charity 'Sugar in the Bush' in its work to educate and assist remote communities in dealing with Diabetes - a common and difficult to treat condition for Indigenous people, especially in remote areas. Many of our artists suffer from this condition.  This is just one way in which we choose to give back to the Indigenous people who create our beautiful artworks.    

Clients are therefore offered the opportunity to donate all or part of their price discount to 'Sugar in the Bush':  If you do so, your name will be forwarded to the charity along with your donation and tax receipts are available for all donations.

We do hope you will make it along to this special exhibition - enjoy a complimentary glass of wine from our bar and spend some time enjoying Barbara's works as well as the everchanging paintings on show in the rest of the gallery.  We look forward to seeing you soon...

Linda Syddick Exhibition

One of the most interesting Aboriginal Artists painting today, and a 'must' for any Aboriginal Art Collection, is Linda Syddick Napaltjarri (AKA Linda Syddick). 

Although not mainstream, Linda is well known, an accomplished artist with a unique 'voice', and has a loyal collector base. Her works are quirky and highly collectable, because they are not only fine artworks with superb composition, line, texture and movement, but also idiosyncratic representations of the artist's stories and experience.

Linda Syddick    'Three Wise Men'    LSYAP12111071   60 x 60cms    $1,995

Works such as the 'Three Wise Men' above,  display the spiritual dichotomy experienced by many Aboriginal people, caught between their traditional beliefs and the influence of western religious teachings. This is demonstrated beautifully by this nativity scene painting, where the three wise men and the baby Jesus are all depicted as Mimi Spirits.  There are several paintings in the show that follow this theme:  a product of Linda's completely traditional upbringing until the age of 9, followed immediately by life in a Lutheran Mission - rather a contrast in ideologies to say the least.

Other paintings featured are Linda's famous 'Windmill' works,  the delightful 'Sulky Man' paintings, and more.

Opening drinks will be served tomorrow, Saturday 14th April, at 680 Darling Street,  from 12 noon, and all are welcome.

This is interesting and extremely affordable exhibition, and with most works priced under $2000 you can acquire your own piece of collectible Aboriginal art history complete with full authentication of course.

Collectors' Gallery Opening

Please join us for a very special occasion!

Next Thursday 13th October, from 6 - 8pm, we will quietly be opening our exciting new indigenous art COLLECTORS' GALLERY. The spacious top floor of 680 Darling St. Rozelle, will be transformed to showcase secondary market fine art by a host of Australia's greatest master artists.

Timmy Payungka Japangardi 'Two Goanna' 1995 129 x 181cm Acrylic on Canvas

The Collectors' Gallery will specialise in unique, difficult to obtain, high quality paintings that are significant pieces of Australian Art History, and that any public gallery would be proud to display. By virtue of both cultural and artistic importance, the works could take pride of place in both museums and public galleries anywhere in the world.

Turkey Tolson Jupurulla 'Tingari Songlines' 2000 204 x 123cms Acrylic on Linen

We are excited to offer this relaxed and comfortable environment, where art lovers can not only see and enjoy these increasingly collectible indigenous art works, but where unlike public galleries with similar offerings, they can actually acquire one as well!

Clifford Possum Japaltjarri 'Two Jungala at Warlukalona' 1999 143 x 173cms Acrylic on Linen

We do hope you and your friends will join us on Thursday to celebrate the beginning of our exciting new venture.

Please rsvp to 
Passionately celebrating aboriginal art,
Kate and the team.


Gems of the Desert Exhibition returns to Darling Park!

In an colourful exhibition, Kate Owen Gallery brings the indigenous masters of the desert back to Darling Park building lobby in Sydney's CBD.  Featuring works by Gloria Petyare, Kudditji Kngwarreye, Yinarupa Nangala, Debra McDonald and many others.

Our indigenous art consultant Carrie Mulford is on site from 12.30 to 2.30pm Wednesday to Friday to assist you with any queries. Please drop in during your lunch break or anytime of the day to view our artworks.

The exhibition continues until  31 March 2011.