Timmy Payungka Japangardi

DOB: 1942

Born c.1938 at Parayirpilynga just west of Central Lake Mackay. The family came eastwards to the Haasts Bluff area in search of rations of flour and tea when Timmy was a child. Later, the family travelled back to Pintupi territory.

Contacted in 1962 whilst camped at Yarrana Rockhole due west of Kintore with his wife and young child, Timmy was among the first group of Pintupi to be brought into the newly established settlement of Papunya. Part of the original group of painters at Papunya in 1971, he moved to Kintore when it was established in 1981 and further to the north. He paints Dancing Women, Dingo, Snake, Water Dreaming, from this region.

A key ritual figure since the late 1970's, he was in the forefront of moves to establish the settlement at Kiwwirrkura where he now lives. Timmy is also one of the custodians for the important claypan site of Parrayingi, Before his people encountered white man they would gather at this site after the rains.