Selina Teece Pwerle History and Collections


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Synergy 2022, First Nations Artists from around Australia, Everywhen Art, Shoreham VIC
2021 Synergy: Art from the Heartlands of Aboriginal Australia, Everywhen Art, Shoreham VIC
2020 A Vision of Country: Australian Aboriginal Landscapes, Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2013 Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2012 Artitja Fine Art, Fremantle
2012 Country, Alpitye at Byron, Byron Bay
2012 Kate Owen Gallery, Sydney
2011 Mother and Daughters in Lore, Alpitye at Port, Port Macquarie
2011 Outback Art, Canberra
2010 Mother and Daughter, Artitja Fine Arts, Fremantle
2010 Outback Art, Canberra
2009 Alpitye At Port, Port Macquarie
2009 Outback Art, Canberra
2009 Desert Mob, Araluen Art Centre, Alice Springs
2009 Ancient Lands/Modern Landscapes, Booker-Lowe Gallery, Houston, USA
2008 Alpitye At Byron, Byron Bay
2008 Alpitye At Port, Port Macquarie
2008 Cultural Connections, Desert Stories Artitja Fine Arts, Fremantle
2008 Outback Aboriginal Art, Melbourne
2008 Outback Art, Canberra
2007 Alpitye At Port, Port Macquarie
2007 Cultural Connections, Desert Stories, Artitja Fine Arts, Fremantle
2007 Outback Aboriginal Art, Melbourne

Awards and Recognition

2024 41st NATSIAA, Darwin - Joint Finalist