New 'In Situ' Feature on our Website!

We have listened to your feedback and developed this great new 'in situ' feature to help you find the perfect piece!

Simply click on the artwork you are interested in. You will see to the left of the image there are the artwork details and 'actions' you can take:

If you select 'see art on the wall' you will be taken to a new page:

On the top left hand corner there is the 'adjustments' feature, where you can rotate and adjust the artwork and background size. It will also give you the actual artwork size to help guide you.

There is also the 'backgrounds' feature where you can select one of our settings, or see what the artwork will look like on a range of coloured backgrounds (and if you are really tech savy, you can add a custom image url!) :


Of course, it is early days and we will add and improve to it as we get feedback. Make sure you let us know what you think!

And remember, if you would like to see how an artwork would look exactly in your space, please contact one of our friendly art consultants who will be able to do a 'digital hang' for you, or arrange a home trial.

We hope you enjoy this great new feature!

Best Wishes, The KOG Crew 

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