Vast Interiors 2016

Vast Interiors

30 July – 28 August

A unique installation that fuses decorative and fine art pieces

Kate Owen Gallery & Sounds Like Home have collaborated on a unique installation; showcasing how Indigenous artworks expressing ancient themes and landscapes can enhance contemporary living spaces. 

The ‘white cube’ ideology of the gallery space will be overturned, as curators develop five distinctly different rooms that offer fresh perspectives on the art of home décor. 

 A delightful juxtaposition of the chic and traditional to create diverse, out of the box aesthetics that embody the essence of modern day luxury living in Sydney’s Inner West.




New 'In Situ' Feature on our Website!

We have listened to your feedback and developed this great new 'in situ' feature to help you find the perfect piece!

Simply click on the artwork you are interested in. You will see to the left of the image there are the artwork details and 'actions' you can take:

If you select 'see art on the wall' you will be taken to a new page:

On the top left hand corner there is the 'adjustments' feature, where you can rotate and adjust the artwork and background size. It will also give you the actual artwork size to help guide you.

There is also the 'backgrounds' feature where you can select one of our settings, or see what the artwork will look like on a range of coloured backgrounds (and if you are really tech savy, you can add a custom image url!) :


Of course, it is early days and we will add and improve to it as we get feedback. Make sure you let us know what you think!

And remember, if you would like to see how an artwork would look exactly in your space, please contact one of our friendly art consultants who will be able to do a 'digital hang' for you, or arrange a home trial.

We hope you enjoy this great new feature!

Best Wishes, The KOG Crew 

Exhibition - from the sand to the sails

from the sand to the sails

21 May – 19 June 

We are so excited that Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi will visit Sydney for the launch of the 2016 Vivid Sydney Festival (during which her artworks will be projected on the sails of the Sydney Opera House!!)

We want to celebrate the occasion with a special exhibition of Gabriella's latest body of work, as well as a Possum family group show!

Artists will include: Clifford Possum,  Lionel Possum, Gabriella Possum, Michelle Possum, Nyrulla Possum & Khatija Possum 


Gabriella Possum will officially open the show on Saturday 28 May, 2pm–5pm


Meet Gabriella, enjoy a glass or two of bubbly and help us celebrate!


"I feel very honoured to be selected for such an important event which includes such an important Australian building.

I hope they like my paintings, they have gone from sand to canvas and now to the opera house, it’s a clever way to show many people our culture."

- Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi


Our Artist in Residence for March 2016...

Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty

We are absolutely THRILLED Helen has accepted our invitation to be part of our artist in residence program. We have been big fans of Helen's work for a long time now, and we can't wait for visitors to the gallery to learn more about her art, culture and country and she sets up her studio in our third level collectors' space.

Helen’s ability to express her ideas and experiences, and to make her ancient Dreaming stories relevant to the daily lives of her community, have catapulted her to the forefront of the contemporary Indigenous art scene.

Less than a year after becoming a full time artist, Helen was honoured to receive the People’s Choice Award at the prestigious 24th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award for her painting Tyemeny Liman’s Wutinggi (Grandpa Harry’s Canoe).  She says of her grandfather “In his day he was the best canoe maker in his country. It’s a sad story and a good story at the same time. It’s the last canoe that he ever made.” Helen’s grandfather stopped making canoes when he heard that education would help his children. He left his country with a heavy heart and sent his children to school.

Helen travelled and studied widely across Australia, and eventually became a teacher. Her background in teaching has enabled her with skills that are valuable in her art making practise; a relentless passion to learn all she can about culture and country from her elders, and the ability to effectively communicate through her art using intricate dotting and delicate brushwork techniques. Her art can be multi-layered, complex and colourful, or it can be restrained, solemn and occasionally ominous. Each of her artworks is accompanied by a beautiful heartfelt story, which add another dimension to her work.

To View Helen's Beautiful Artworks, Click Here

Watch this Space for Updates, but at the moment Helen will be in the gallery

3 March - 20 March

11am - 3pm, Thursday - Sunday Each Week

Details are also on the Art Month Website!