Nellie Nakamarra Marks

Nellie Nakamarra Marks   Kalipinypa  acrylic on linen  90 x 120 cm  - $4,105 [NNMAR1102]

Isn’t this a fantastic work by Nellie? This is her latest style and we are very impressed. The style is quite distinctive from her previous works and the colours are amazing. I feel she’s getting a bit more loose and organic in her style and this makes her paintings even stronger.

I think that this is one of our greatest pleasure working in an art gallery: seeing artists changing, evolving, loosen up, experimenting. This is very rewarding!

This is something we find also in Gracie Ward Naplatjarri’s and Esther Bruno Nangala’s work,  keep an eye out for them.

In this work Nellie relates women’s business in Kalipinypa. She is an acclaimed artist from Kintore in the Northern Territory and the daughter of master Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula (now deceased) , and sister to Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra.  Her works sell well, and with this advance in style and technique, we are expecting her prices and sales to rise.

Please read more about the artist on our website!

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