Patrick Tjungurrayi - The Canning Stock Route

The Canning Stock Route is one of the toughest and most remote tracks in the world. It runs to Halls Creek from Wiluna, both in Western Australia. With a total distance of 1781 km (1113 miles) it is also the longest historic stock route in the world. For the first few hundred kilometres it runs concurrent with the Tanami Track. In 2007 Patrick Tjungurrayi returned to the Canning Stock Route to retrace the journey he had made out of the desert 50 years earlier with a group of other well known artists who recreated the journey out of the desert through their dreamings. The Canning Stock Route story revolves around water. To colonists, desert water was a commercial resource necessary for a successful stock route. To the people of the desert, these waters were the social, spiritual and economic bases of their existence.

The National Museum of Australia is currently holding an exhibition to show a collection of works based the Canning Stock Route. You can find more information of both the exhibition & the route here!

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