Welcoming Warlukurlangu

I had a great trip to the Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Community Art Centre at Yuendumu this week to gather some superb new artworks for the gallery.  Along the 300km drive, north west of Alice Springs, the country was completely different from its usual red and brown self - a wonderful combination of greens almost completely obscured the red earth (it was almost like the Melbourne botanical gardens out there!).  And the wildflowers, with all the repeated rains, are blooming profusely in seas of yellow, white and lilac.   Cecilia Alfonso, highly dedicated Manager of the Warlukurlangu, kindly put me up at her house and I got to feel part of the busy buzz that drives this centre along.  Artists came, stopped for chats, discussed and worked on artworks and wandered off to follow other pursuits while the centre staff and volunteers contributed to make the place a hive of activity.
Also met many of the artists who work at the centre:  Highlights were the serene Ormay Nangala Gallagher who will be a new artist for our gallery, and Liddy Walker Napanangka who was busily astride a huge canvas for most of my visit.  I'm happy to say that this canvas plus many more of the brightly coloured works from this centre will be arriving in the gallery soon.... so watch this space!

Ormay Nangala Gallagher in front of her latest inspired work....

Liddy Walker Napanangka nearing completion of a masterful painting.... soon to be available in our gallery!  Just look at the texture!

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