Minnie Pwerle Exhibition Opening

it is with great excitement that we announce our upcoming exhibition


strong, confident, painterly and immensely striking

15 august - 6 september 

This exhibition has been a true labour of love – we have wanted to pay tribute to this remarkable woman for many years now, and after much patience we have a body of work by the late Minnie Pwerle that encapsulates why she has gone down as one of the greatest Australian Aboriginal artists of all time.

 Our third level collectors’ gallery has been completely transformed. Minnie's sweeps of wild colour, thick fluid lines and overlays create an extraordinary depth and emotional intensity.

 Many of Minnie’s artworks are boldly gestural


Sometimes raw in execution

And at other times more restrained.

 There is an assuredness in her depiction of Awelye-Atnwengerrp (women's ceremony of the Atnwengerrp region), bush melon and bush melon seed, which came from an intimate and encyclopaedic knowledge of culture and country. The delight and pleasure Minnie found in painting is evident and truly contagious. 


We hope you can visit us this weekend and enjoy a glass of bubbly as you are enchanted by the works of this shy woman who took the art world by storm with her strong, confident, painterly and immensely striking works.

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